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Structural Elements

Wentona imparts quality education to meet the profession and community through excellence in teaching and learning. Wentona promotes high value of professional ethics, transparency, and accountability.


To be a catalyst in unlocking the potential in professionals and students.


To train and nurture professionals and students through state of the art training programs to create a workforce with strong commitment, and effective communication which can contribute to achieving the goals of their organization.


  • Wentona Academy Is a world full of new ideas and new experiences. All faculties are experienced and friendly. Lab activities are going well with proper assistance provided.

    Ashik S

  • My life has been filled with inspiration and a is only because I was a student of Wentona academy. The course installed so much of knowledge that builds in a spirit of confidence to challenge the wide world of opportunities.

    Vandana Nair

  • One of the very advantage of this Institution is that any person from any background can build up a bright future. From the free demo class provided an awareness of the courses in respect to industrial background were provided through this .So am satisfied to study this Institution.

    Karthika S S

  • It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I took my certifications from Wentona academy. The relationship between faculties and students are very cordial which helped me to excel in my area of interest and helped me in achieving my goal.

    Shibu S

  • Experienced faculty with good teaching experience and adequate industry exposure. Very good placement plans, Valid certifications at low cost. I thank Wentona Academy for providing these qualities.

    Shehnaz S

  • When I joined Wentona academy, I was anxious about my future Over the time of my preparatory classes I became confident that I could clear the exam and I was successful. Thank you Wentona Academy

    Sanjay S Dutt

  • The centre sincerely aims at creating success for every students studying there. I and our batch thank Wentona Academy for giving us a successful career.

    Muhammed Hussain

  • Without the effort taken by Wentona Academy, I would not have been successful Cleared the exams in my first attempt. Hope this institution will grow high
    : The experiences I got from Wentona Academy are very good. I was taught from the basic concepts to the professional level which helped me in gaining good subject knowledge and cracking interviews.

    Amal kishore

  • I appreciate the information and advice u have given as well as the connection u have shared with me. our experience and help have been invaluable during the process. Again thank u so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity

    Saidali s

  • I have completed MEP course from Wentona academy so I am greatly thankful to Wentona Academy which helped me to excel in my area of interest and helped me in achieving my goal.

    Binu Krishnan

  • I would like to thank Wentona Team for immense helping mentality which paved way for getting job
    Thank u for all assistance u have provided me during my job search. . I thank Wentona Academy for providing these qualities


If four things are followed - having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance - then anything can be achieved.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam